Instructional Technology

Our unit provides technology oversight for all shared rooms and specialized labs at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus. We oversee all conferencing related technologies (audio, video, and web), the administration of educational software, and ensure spaces are operating as designed with minimal downtime. Aside from routine maintenance, we are also responsible for the design and implementation of new systems in these learning environments to improve content delivery. 

The following services are provided by the Instructional Technology department:

  • Maintenance and operational support of over 180 shared spaces across Phoenix Biomedical Campus
  • Dedicated in-house design and installation team
  • Technology consultation on new construction and renovation
  • Vendor service management
  • Consultation and specialized software training
  • Special Event technology liason
  • Instructional software administration
  • Instructional technology delivery
  • Contract management and SLA development
  • Video/Web conference support
  • Device firmware maintenance
  • Lecture capture support

Instructional Technology Contact Information: