Research Storage

Research Storage

Accessibility of any data is dependent on the quality of the storage medium and availability of software to view the data. 

  • Store data in a non-proprietary or open standard format for long-term readability (see Data Organization)
  • CD's and DVD's are not reliable in the long-term, copy or migrate data to new media between 2-5 years after creation
  • Check the data integrity of stored data files at regular intervals
  • See Security concerns listed below
General Purpose Storage Services at UA

These are general purpose storage options that are available campus-wide to UA researchers for data storage. Your department or school IT department may have additional options.

On their own, these options are not intended as long-term archival storage and the risk of data loss is higher without a backup strategy. For other long-term options see Data Sharing & Archiving. Also see the UA Data Retention Policy.

Storage, Back-ups & Security