COMP Administrative Storage Options

Storage Options

Network Share

Research R: Drive and Administrative S: Drive

  • Physical storage system on the Phoenix Campus.
  • Houses departmental data only
  • Backed up to Amazon
  • Access is controlled by Security groups -IT must provide access
  • Currently there are no quotas on this storage
  • Need to VPN if off campus to access
  • Cannot house regulated data (FERPA, HIPPA, PCI, ITAR) – Drives not encrypted

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a secure collaboration application offering collaboration through file shares, chat, videoconferencing, and custom calendaring. Use MS Teams to manage teams, projects, or departmental information

  • Recommended for departmental files and collaboration
  • Created by COMP IT Unit
  • 1TB of storage currently available
  • Cloud storage through Microsoft
  • Stored in SharePoint site
  • Store departmental data
  • Backed up by UITS
  • Access is controlled by sharing - Users can share
  • Cannot House regulated data (PHI or HIPPA)

One Drive

Individual storage account for Faculty, Staff, DCC, and Emeritus through Microsoft

  • Recommended for Individual files
  • 1TB of personal storage available
  • Store individual personal file (Not shared departmental files)
  • Access from anywhere through web browser
  • Share files internally and externally
  • Cannot House regulated data (HIPPA or any PHI)
  • Employees who leave prior to retirement - Lose access to everything
  • DCC (Designated Campus Colleagues) who end their engagement - Lose access to everything

Box Health

Storage for Regulated data (HIPPA, FERPA, ITAR, PHI, PCI)

  • Required for all Regulated data
  • 50GB of Data storage
  • Store Regulated data
  • Access anywhere through Web Browser
  • Training required prior to account being created

Storage Not recommended

Google – Academic use (Students and Faculty for classes).  Effective 3/1/23, limited to 15gb

Box – limited space available and unpredictable in being a viable option moving forward

UA issued Computer – Individual machines are not backed up and data can be lost.

External drives – Not encrypted (Mandatory for university data storage), Not backed up, data can be lost

PHI Storage