Application Development and Support

Application Development and Support  team creates custom web applications that integrate cleanly with departmental work processes and are tailored to meet specific needs. Web applications are programs that can be accessed through a web browser via the Internet. They allow information to be organized, distributed and collected cheaper, faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. Your customers and employees can use them to access a wide variety of services such as purchasing products, managing schedules, submitting evaluations or tracking information. We also support both our custom applications, as well as other web-based software already in use.

The following services are provided by the Application Development department:

  • Assessment/requirements gathering
  • IT Consultations
  • Develop custom applications
  • Technical assessment of existing applications
  • Build Interfaces between applications
  • Process and workflow Improvements
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Enterprise application support
  • SSL Certificate management

Application Development Contact Information:

Applications Developed

MatchTrack allows fourth year medical students and their Student Affair advisers to track the residency application season real-time. The goal of creating MatchTrack was to lessen the financial, time and emotional burden the application and interview process requires. This is achieved on a student by student basis by allowing the advisers to know real-time how the students are faring during interview season and allow the advisers to intervene if necessary. This software will make the interview process for all medical school students and student affair advisers easier, more manageable and cost effective. Additionally, over-time, data analytics on the student interview process as well as where students end up matching can be collected and analyzed.”

The Promotion Dossier for Clinical Faculty is used by clinical faculty to apply for a title promotion at the UA College of Medicine-Phoenix. As part of this process, faculty members gather and upload various items that will chronicle their academic and clinical works, and then submit those materials for review.


Elective Catalog allows students to search for the master elective catalogs offered. The student will be able to view in real-time the offered courses and search based on different parameters. In addition, authorized staff and faculty members can add, delete, and edit the courses offered.

Teaching Initiative Log is an automated solution for recording the hours of faculty members spending on educational activities for medical students, residents, and fellows in the Department of Child Health.

Wildcat Kudo's application at the College of Medicine-Phoenix designed to help employees show gratitude and recognition to each other! This application sends e-kudos.  


In an effort to keep everyone in our University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix community informed about these developments, Intranet application serves as a consolidated place where all COVID-19 communications and resources can be referenced.